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 Washington Gambling: Casinos, Poker, Pari-mutuel 

Washington State Casinos and Gambling

Washington Gambling Forum - Washington Casinos

For a complete guide click here Washington Casinos. In Washington alone there are there are twenty-six Indian casinos, twenty-two of them affiliated with Washington State. These casino are a brilliant way of pulling in tourism from many neighbouring states and counties, as not every state will allow gambling, some forbidding it in it?s entirety. Washington is not one of those states. The Indian casinos are a great tourist attraction for many of the thousands of people from abroad who come to Washington to see it?s beautiful and stunning places of interest. They come to gamble in the many casinos that account for a large portion of the entire states tourism.

Almost all of the casinos in Washington are the standard casinos that you will find across the world, as such, they have a familiar feel. It is easy to just relax into in to a slot machine, or at the poker table and enjoy yourself with family, friends and people who you?ve just met. With the enjoyable competitiveness that comes from gambling a small amount of your hard earned cash on a good time with friendly and lively people. As with many modern casinos, cash money no longer exists. With the aforementioned Indian casinos, you simply go to a cash office and have your money converted into credits, which will be placed either in your hand or on a card, much like a credit card. These two items are your money now. And they will either be charged, or added to. Depending on your skills at gambling of course!

As Washington?s casinos are so varied, people will travel for many miles to use them, owing to their high payback rates. Ed Fleisher, Assistant for Government Affairs in the office of the Washington State Gambling Commission states: ?Our compacts with the tribes require a minimum payback percentage of at least 70%. In practice, most of the machines pay at least 90%.? Which in plain English means that any of the Indian casinos will pay back around 90% of all paid in. Which is a high comparable payback rate. This means your chances of winning a lot of money is significantly higher than in other states.

Although the casinos in Washington are not usually open twenty-four hours a day, they still have a very high turn out rate. Owing to the time restrictions, tourists and locals alike will gamble their money in the casinos within the allotted time space, just so they can try and squeeze that extra cent out of the machine.

Keep in mind though, there are some rules that still apply when gambling, even in Washington. So, here?s the information:

  • You have got to be at least 18 to gamble.
  • You have got to be at least 21 if liquor is served at the casino.
  • And that?s it!

    Remember that the casinos in Washington have all of the normal games, blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, video poker and pull-tabs and have a high payback rate, between 70-90%. So your chances of winning big are significantly higher in Washington State than from any other state.

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