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 Vermont Gambling: Casinos, Poker, Pari-mutuel 

Vermont Casinos and Gambling

Visit Vermont Gambling Forum - or visit Vermont Casinos

Unless an entity is a non-profit organization, no business or individual is allowed to establish a gambling facility in the state of Vermont. In fact, the laws of Vermont are extremely strict in terms of both the act of gambling and encouraging the act of gambling, and such acts result in hefty fines and seizure of property. What?s more, non-profit organizations must meet a number of legal standards set forth by the state of Vermont.

In Vermont, Bingo games are permitted as long as they are run by a non-profit organization and that the games are played solely on location. Further, if a non-profit organization arranges any kind of casino gaming, such gaming can only occur with a minimum of 15 days between each casino gaming event and a maximum of three such events can occur within a year?s time period. Additionally, any monies that are collected from such events must be used for charitable purposes and prizes received cannot exceed the cash value of $15,000.00.

The penalties involved in a gambling infringement committed in the state of Vermont are fierce. In fact, any individual that is not with a non-profit organization that establishes any type of unlawful gambling runs the risk of a year of imprisonment and a $10,000 fine. Additionally, anything beyond a first offense in such cases can result in a 3 year term in prison and a $10,000 fine for each count! What?s more, such fines and penalties apply to individuals who partake in gambling at unlawful locations. Finally, any unlawful gambling devices are subject to seizure by the state of Vermont.

Alternatively, if tourists and the residents of Vermont are interested in casinos and other gaming facilities, they can visit the nearby states of New York and Connecticut to participate in such attractions. New York offers over thirty casinos and Massachusetts offers several sites. Additionally both New York and New Jersey offer a number of pari-mutuel gambling sites for avid gamblers.

Vermont still holds some incredible tourist attractions and such attractions make the state well worth visiting. Besides the incredible scenic beauty the state pride?s itself in, Vermont houses the original location of Ben & Jerry?s Ice Cream, and the Von Trapp Lodge. Plus, for those individuals who love hiking, Vermont provides access to The Long Trail Hike located in Jay, Vermont; a hiking trail that is well over 200 miles long! Finally, the state of Vermont is famous for maple syrup, and a number of manufactures provide a variety of maple syrup products and candies!

Throughout Vermont, tourists can find a number of comfortable rooming accommodations. In fact, tourists can find an array of accommodations available including bed and breakfasts, cabins, cottages, camping sites, condos, farm stays, hotels, inns, motels and resorts. What?s more, many sites offer additional services including health clubs, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, shuttle service, fireplaces, pools, saunas, and meeting facilities. Finally, dining is frequently offered at many locations and tourists can easily find a number of eateries located near their selected site.

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