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 South Carolina Gambling: Casinos, Poker, Pari-mutuel 

South Carolina Casinos And Gambling

South Carolina Casinos :: South Carolina Gambling Forum :: South Carolina Casino Cruise Ships

There are many casinos in the state of South Carolina. From Chester to Woodruff, no matter where you go you can find gambling fun. Further, many of the casinos in South Carolina offer discounted rates in local hotels and, in some cases, free transportation between the hotel and the casino when requested. Moreover, some of the casinos have hotel and restaurant facilities at the resort: facilities that make your stay even more enjoyable. Finally, if you would like something a little more exotic, you could visit one of the few casino boats that are available in South Carolina. Again, like other casinos, the casino boats offer free transportation from your hotel and free admission. Also, some resorts, like the casinos, have restaurants and hotel facilities or deals with business in the area to make you stay more pleasurable.

The cruises offered in South Carolina travel three miles out to sea into international waters where casino gambling is allowed. Further, you can find a wide variety of tables and slot machines on board. Or, if you prefer, you can simply have a meal and drinks and take in the atmosphere on one of South Carolina?s luxury boats. Finally, cruises are available several times a day and are a wonderful experience.

There are some counties that are trying to enforce bans of the casino boats or at least enforce more intense regulations. While some counties are opposing the boats, others are reaping the benefits of the taxes they create and utilizing such taxes for funding other community events. Thus, a debate about casino boats has ensued and it is a debate that will surely continue for some time.

All of the casinos have various gaming tables from Blackjack to 3 Card Poker. Plus, South Carolina?s casinos offer many slot machines, craps, and poker tables. Alternatively, dog and horse tracks can also be found within the state of South Carolina. What?s more, there are also numerous bingo halls within the state for gambling enthusiasts to play. Finally, if you want to take a break from visiting the casinos you could always take a trip to one of the many museums and art galleries throughout South Carolina. There are also lots of golf courses, places to shop and children?s activities.

If you are looking for video poker, unfortunately, you won?t find them in South Carolina anymore. South Carolina has removed over 34,000 video poker machines and the result has caused them to lose a 2 billion dollar industry. Yet, many residents are happy with the decision to remove video poker machines as they feel that the machines were too easily accessible and the cause of too many social problems throughout the area. Still, some illegal operations of video poker machines have been discovered and an extensive operation has been enforced to try and locate individuals that promote illegal gaming.

On a lighter note, there are many holiday packages available for the gambling enthusiast. With discounts for hotels and travel or, in some cases, with rental cars included, travel packages offer the tourists of South Carolina extensive savings. In short, South Carolina is a remarkable place to visit. One day tourists could be touring the historical buildings, the following day they could be on one of their top beaches; it is truly an experience not to be missed.

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