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 Mississippi Gambling: Casinos, Poker, Pari-mutuel 

Destruction by Hurricane Katrina disrupts casino gaming

Our condolences go out to the employees, patrons of the casinos in Mississippi as well as the rest of the state. We have always had a warm spot in our hearts of Mississippi Casinos being from Pensacola ourselves. Mississippi was always a favorite gambling spot.

Mississippi Casinos & Gambling

Click links for Mississippi Casinos guide and Mississippi casino directory. There are a lot of states that you can visit as a tourist, but if you are having a recent vacation and trying to decide on where to go, I?ve got just the place for you. I would recommend that you take a trip to the state of Mississippi, especially if you like gambling.

The state of Mississippi derives its name from the Mississippi River, in which ?Mississippi? is a Native American word meaning ?Father of Waters?. Mississippi is located in the southern United States, with the state of Alabama to its east, and the states of Arkansas and Louisiana to the west. The state of Tennessee is located north, with the Gulf of Mexico south of it. It possesses a wealth of history and became a State in Dec 1817 with the city of Jackson as its capital. It is known as the Magnolia State with a population being approximately 2,700,000 people living in an area of 46,914 square miles.

Early historical records on Mississippi, show that the state has always had a long relationship with gambling, even though casino gambling was not legalized until 1990. The first gambling facility to open in the state was a horse racetrack in 1795. Presently the state boasts some 30 gaming facilities along the Mississippi River with over 42 million people visiting each year to gamble.

In 1988, when the United States Congress enacted the National Indian Gaming Act, the Choctaw Indians opened the Silver Star Casino a few years later. Realizing how profitable this could be the Mississippi Legislature passed the Mississippi Gaming Control Act to allow casino gambling along the Mississippi River if the counties wanted it.

After the Control Act was passed, many of the poor counties in Mississippi opened casinos, and used this money to revitalize their economy and tourism. An example of this would be the Tunica County in the state of Mississippi. Tunica County was once one of the poorest counties in the state of Mississippi. But after opening ten casinos in the county, this has all changed. It is now considered the 3rd top gambling tourist destination after Las Vegas and Atlantic City. One of the reasons gambling has become so profitable within this county is that some of the casinos located in Tunica County are owned and operated by some of the same corporations that own and operate casinos in Las Vegas. It was here in Tunica County that the first regional poker tournament, the Jack Binion World Poker Open was held.

Another unique feature of gambling in the state of Mississippi is the fabulous riverboat gambling. This is approved in the counties of Tunica, Claiborne, Handcock, and Adams. Riverboat gambling is quite interesting thing to see and you should visit Mississippi for this sole reason alone. Riverboats are converted into casinos complete with slot machines and the big gaming tables such as roulette, blackjack, and craps. Unlike some other states, Mississippi allows unlimited riverboat casino licenses.

Mississippi should indeed be the place you visit on your next vacation, especially if you enjoy the nonstop action of the gambling casinos.

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