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 Massachusetts Gambling: Casinos, Poker, Pari-mutuel 

Massachusetts Casinos & Gambling

"One if by land; two if by sea..."
Massachusetts Gambling :: Massachusetts Casinos :: Massachusetts Pari-mutuel

Whoever said that, wasn't talking about casino gambling, dog racing and horse racing in Massachusetts. There are several casino cruise ships leaving Gloucester, every day. These luxury ships leave from Gloucester in the late morning, and in the early evening. Gloucester, by the way, is best described in the lyrics of an old Patti Page song, "If you like the taste of a lobster stew, served by a window with an ocean view..." These ships carry 600 passengers

at a time and sail just beyond the International three mile limit, where everything is legal. You'd be surprised at all the things you can do on this 4600 square foot floating palace. There are 225 slot machines, table games for those who enjoy poker, roulette, baccarat, and other forms of non-slot gambling. There is a dance floor and band, and year round entertainment in the form of comedians, musicians, and many others. And, just in case you get a little sea -sick watching the chips slide and hearing the crash of glasses as they hit the deck, there is a restaurant on board that features an extensive menu.

Once back on shore you'll probably want to get some horse racing in at E. Boston's Suffolk Downs. The track offers everything you could possibly want. A variety of wagering, good food and plenty to drink. You'll have to hurry though, because you'll want to experience the dog racing at Raynham-Taunton Dog track. The dog races are fast. Once the race is over, it's all one can do to get back to the ticket window and cash or place a bet, before the next race starts. Just don't bump into Senator Ted Kennedy. Or is it Wonderland Dog track that he goes to? Soon ,all kinds of gambling will be legal anywhere in Massachusetts. The politicians have found a virtual gold mine in legal gambling. There are too many bills pending before the house this instant to mention them all. However, one bill that's going to pass is the one that will turn horse racing tracks into Racinos, like Delaware, where all of the horse tracks have slot machines as well.

Much of the gambling is in the Boston area, so transportation is always near, whether it be a special shuttle offered by one of the magnificent hotels, or, any kind of transportation you can imagine. Logan airport is International, therefore all you have to do is know where you want to go. Hopefully you'll have a little time to spend in the Boston area. This is where America began, and there is much to see. There's The Old North Church, "One if by land, two if by sea...," and there's Bunker Hill. And there's a funny feeling that comes over you when standing in the Old Granary Burying Ground, seeing the graves of such famous patriots as John Hancock, John Adams, Paul Revere, and many others. You may see a few shadows that seem to move, or perhaps dart about, but just stay calm. Also, Salem, where the witches were condemned and buried, isn't far. In fact if your visit is around Halloween, a real witch will give you and your group a candlelight- midnight walk up to the witches graves. Once back, there's an all you can eat buffet waiting.

If, after your planned visit, you find that you have stayed a little too long, don't worry, there will be another cruise ship leaving in a little while. Ah yes, life is tough.

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