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 Florida Cruiseship Casinos & Indian Casinos 

Florida Casinos & Casino Cruiseships

Flordia Casino Cruiseships guide.
Florida Casino - Florida Casino Cruiseships

Florida Cruiseships are the hot beds of the gambling industry, The gambling industry in Florida consist of about 28 gambling ships which are ?cruises to nowhere?, a Florida state approved lottery, casinos, race tracks, etc. Also there are other Florida Cruiseships which deal with foreign or interstate commerce. They transport passengers in Florida but operate in international waters and move to and fro from the east-west coasts of Florida to overseas. Tourists and foreigners also participate in gambling and their enthusiastic interaction heralds the onset of new and exciting friendly relationship aboard the Cruiseships.

The ?cruises to nowhere? have casino operations, black jack and slot machines to be played at least three to four miles off the shore. The boats then return to home ports in Florida without halting at any other destination. There is a lack of adequate regulation in the Florida gambling industry. Since Florida has what you could call ?floating casinos? which are not operational in home waters, they get clearance from the Coast guard for travel and also from the state authorities for Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco license.

SunCruz Casino, an associate of the cruise association and the state's largest day cruise casino company running 11 gaming ships, including ships based in Key Largo, Clearwater, John's Pass, Port Richey, Tarpon Springs and Crystal River. Another Bay area gambling cruise line, Europa Cruises Corp., is based in Madeira Beach.

At this time there are about two and a half million people who love to gamble and there are chances of another twelve million becoming gamblers. The Florida law does not prohibit an individual within the state from placing a bet or wager. Though gambling in Florida Cruiseships have not been encouraged by the State, the gambling conscious people are aware of the fact that casino and other forms of gambling on these Cruiseships generate substantial income. This benefits both the tourism industry and the cruise industry.

The Florida cruise ship industry has more than three thousand five hundred employees and $550 million invested in these ships. It is a paradoxical state of affairs as the state refrains itself from being a partner to anything related to gambling, yet it whole heartedly supports the lottery business. But we have to face the facts, the people who gamble in casinos whether in gambling joints or Florida cruise ships, are responsible mature adults. If the state is actually the largest gambling operator for lottery, then it should not have qualms with casino gambling.

Despite several rejections to legalize gambling in Florida, Rep. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala) chairman of the House Subcommittee on Gaming and Pari-Mutuels and a member of First Baptist Church Belleview, informed Florida Baptist Witness that he wants to ensure that his fellow members are socially conscious about the long-range socio economic repercussion for gambling. The senate president and republicans are all for legalizing certain kinds of gambling Casinos, and video lottery terminals have a favored response with a sizeable section of the public because the money generated could balance the huge expense and outlay the state has to bear for growth and development of the state.

The existing scenario in the state is that online gambling is widely practiced here. Also cherished are the state?s lottery, the Seminole Gaming Palace, a bingo parlor, the dog track, and a "cruise to nowhere" that sailed out of Tarpon Spring. The Florida gambling laws has loopholes and people are wise enough to know that gambling is good if it is in limits. You can gauge the inconsistencies of the law when you see that it is considered okay to bet on dog and horses or play poker but it is illegal to go for a roulette wheel. Casino operations are looked down with a frown in the state but it is considered patriotic and economic friendly to participate in bets. You are considered law abiding if you play the lottery but you are refrained from playing video pokers and participating in gambling in cruise ships.

The Florida cruise ships for gambling look at the state laws on gambling as incomprehensive and not backed by a proper authority. One should know that the cruise ships coming to and from a foreign port are also hot gambling centers. There are fishing nets and gear which are considered illegal but that does not mean one does not fish in international waters. The law should be made autonomous and it should depend on the people to gamble or not. You cannot denounce one form of gambling and support the other. You either go for all or for nothing. You either make excuses or you make money. It is a simple fact that a section of people representing the state cannot pass judgments on the behalf of the people in the state.

Florida Cruiseships have large casinos and the people who have gambled in the Cruiseships have had some of the best times in their lives. It is fun and many often look at gambling in these places as chance encounters and opportunities to expand their social network. You come to interact with lot of different and ambitious people who love to take risks and who like to have fun. Unnecessary legalization for gambling and casinos in Florida Cruise ships will only deter the revenue which is essential for the state, if not the spirit of the people. So it is best to think wise and be practical.

Everyone loves money, whether they admit it or not. Each one of us would not mind having a lot of money without wasting a lot of time and effort. A successful gambler will never operate blindly. He or she is conscious of how much money he or she could keep at stake. Once you know your limits, you would be fine. There is no need to put any kind of censorship and law to curb the fun and enjoyment you are having. Make new friends, make money and enjoy every moment of the fantastic gambling ambience in the Florida Cruiseships.

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