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 Arkansas Casinos, Poker & Gambling 

Arkansas Gambling & Pari-mutuel

ArkansasThere are no legalized casinos in Arkansas, however you will find pari-mutuel facilities in the state of Arkansas.

As of 2005 there were two pari-mutuel facilities - one greyhound track and one horse racing track: West Memphis Southland Greyhound Park and Oaklawn Park Horse Racing

To discuss Arkansas gambling we suggest: Arkansas Gambling Forum
For additional information on Arkansas gaming we suggest: Arkansas Casinos
You will also find a wealth of casino and gambling information (pari-mutuel of course) at the Arkansas Casino website.

Arkansas Gambling and Casinos

According to one study, the availability of gambling in the United States has grown ten times since the 1960s, Arkansas being no exception. Consequently, it is a fact that an American can make a legal wager in every state in the union, with the exception of Hawaii and Utah.

The two most basic (and most popular) methods of gambling include the state lottery and gambling at casinos. However, private wagers and off-track betting (like dog or horse racing and pari-mutuel) come in at a close third. It is worth noting that 28 states have casinos, and an even more staggering statistic is that 38 states have lotteries.

In Arkansas, though, legal gambling remains an endangered habit?the only casino within the state?s limits is on a reservation, and it happens to be the Cherokee Nation Bingo Outpost at US 412 and Highway 59, West Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761; or phone 918-422-5100.

Gambling in Arkansas is not exactly one of the state?s brightest subjects. In fact, only a month or so ago, the Arkansas state legislature denied requests to create a charitable bingo and lottery due to a ?typographical? error and an incomplete sentence in a proposal by Ref. Charles Ormond, D-Morrilton, to amend the state?s constitution.

However, that does not spell total doom for Bible belt state Arkansas? gambling population, which, unfortunately for the economy of Arkansas, travels across the state?s border by the busload into Mississippi and Louisiana, where gambling has been legalized since the early 1990s.

And it is a shame, really, to imagine a state that has shut its doors to the, as one journalist put it, never closing, glitzy resorts with gorgeous colored lights. No slot machines for this state, no big casino entertainment. It is not a lost cause, though.

While it is safe to say that casino gambling attracts the most people to gambling, Arkansas has chose only to include race track gambling to its list of forms of legalized gambling.

However, deep within the Ouachita Mountains lies Oaklawn, a race track that it boasts maintains much of its antique charm. It also houses many restaurants, which play races from around the rest of the country. While the Oaklawn has yet to establish legal slot machines within its vicinity, the race track says that it allows patrons to place bets and wagers on horse races that have taken place around the United States, making for a fairly important compromise between it and the Arkansas state government. The race track also offers live thoroughbred horse competitions, which patrons can also bet and wager on.

And as one of the only race tracks, the Oaklawn also serves its patrons with restaurants such as the Arkansas Sports Tavern, the Post Parade Restaurant, and the Carousel Terrace, and features carousel horse décor. As well as restaurants, lodging is near the race track and includes several hotels and spas near the race track resort, or Oaklawn also notes that facilities are available for those patrons that wish to stay near the lake.

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