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 Arizona Casinos, Poker & Gambling 

Arizona Casinos and Gambling

Arizona Gambling - Gambling Forum, information website especially for the state of Arizona, casinos, pari-mutuel facilities, poker and other gaming.
Arizona Casinos - talk and discuss Arizona casinos and gambling related topics here.
Arizona Casino List - one of our older sites listing the casinos of Arizona.

Casinos and Gambling in Arizona

According to one study, most adults in the United States have gambled at least once in their lives. In Arizona alone, almost 90 percent of the population has gambled before, whether it is in a state lottery, at a casino, a dog track or horse track.

Additionally, the same study noted that one in three Arizona adults have bet on horse or dog races, as well as sporting events and other private wagers. However, only about ten percent of Arizona residents gamble on a regular weekly basis, which is a positive reinforcement that gambling addiction is becoming less and less common. These days more people are getting more pleasure from gambling without the heartache

The three most popular methods of gambling include the Arizona state lottery, casino gambling (mostly in the big cities of Phoenix and Tucson), and sports and private wagers and off-track betting (like dog or horse racing and pari-mutuel). It is also worth noting that 28 states have casinos, and an even more staggering statistic is that 38 states have lotteries.

Be forewarned, however, because gambling doesn?t just mean poker, slots, or scratch-tickets, but ?gambling? is a pretty broad concept that includes activities that take place in a variety of settings, and it appeals to all sorts of different people, and it is also perceived in just as many ways by participants as well as observers.

In Arizona, the legal gambling age was 18 until July 1, 2003, when it finally changed to 21. And also for those in Arizona, parimutuel off-site race tracks authorized by the state of Arizona for wagering can operate off-site as long as the operators and/or owners obtain a license from Phoenix City Council, a permit that must be renewed annually or it will be revoked.

Seven out of every ten Arizona adults are, according to one survey, most likely to have tried gambling at a casino, a popular game being poker?s own Texas Hold ?Em, which has gained ever increasing popularity after national exposure of tournaments on cable channels such as the Travel channel. Slots, however, are still among the top favorites of Arizonans, and just as addictively fun!

In fact, according to study done by the Arizona Lottery, half of all Arizona gamblers prefer to gamble at a casino over private wagers or their state?s lottery.

And while Las Vegas is a gambler?s dream come true with hotels spotting the cityscape, nothing compares to having a casino only miles away?and Phoenix is a great spot for such a dream! In fact, the city of Phoenix boasts three gigantic casinos on its city limits, one being Harrah?s Ak-Chin Casino, 25 miles out, which houses a hotel and games such as Keno, hundreds of slot machines, video poker, bingo, as well as many others. And for those that need transportation to and from the casino to the heart of the city, the casino offers shuttles, which take care of any of the needs of its guests. Other casinos include the Casino Arizona at Salt River and Fort McDowell Casino in Phoenix; in Tucson, casinos include the Casino of the Sun and Desert Diamond Casino.

And a hotel within a casino is just the start?Phoenix especially is a magnet for those that want to get healthy; the city alone has seven famous and luxurious spas! Some of these include the Mist Spa in Scottsdale, the Golden Door Spa at the Boulders, the Centre for Well Being, and The Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont, which includes a swimming pool on the rooftop! So relax, and enjoy what the city has to offer!

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