Help get Alabama Casinos Legalized!


Contact Info: Lyn Curtis Adams

Candidate for Lt. Governor, Libertarian Party

Education and employment for our children

"The lottery does nothing for our economy, just our politicianís income." Sure the lottery can boost the educational fund with the poor and middle class money from Alabama. For the most part, people from other states won't utilize the lottery because they have their own. So where does that leave us? Our unemployment is up and the economy is down. "If youíre going to bring gambling to Alabama, there is a better solution than the lottery and that is casinos."

Casinos bring tourism which in turn brings new hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, gas stations and the list goes on. This would mean jobs, and income from outside Alabama. Our neighboring state Mississippi, has 30 casinos which has over 34,000 employees which their wages total one billion dollars. Out of state tourists account for 69 percent of gaming revenues. The state of Mississippi collects 320 million dollars in gaming tax revenue and 2.5 million in room and restaurant taxes. Property taxes, gasoline taxes, retail sales taxes, are more taxes increased by tourism and created by casinos.

If we really want to help our children, we need to provide jobs in Alabama and a good education. Casinos will provide money to the state like the education fund and maybe even lowering taxes for a change. Casinos will also provide employment that is desperately needed in an economic lull. "As Lt. Governor I will work for the people not the politicians, which this is just one good example."

Written by Lyn Curtis Adams, Candidate for Lt. Governor of Alabama



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